Start a Truffle Farm

Start your Truffle Farm

Your next adventure

Do you have a taste for nature? A green thumb? A love for cuisine? Start your Truffle farm. Read more below.

Break even

5 Years

10 Year Return


Annual Return **

* For information purposes only. May vary depending on the type of plantation and truffles selected. For more information, please contact us at
** Expected Annual Return of $250,000 when production is at full capacity, approximately 10 years


Before you planting

Soil analysis

  • Verification of growing conditions
  • Check if it's possible to plant

Project feasibilty analysis

Optimization of the cultivation

  • Choose the most suitable trees
  • Expertise in the choice of trees and truffles to plant

Choose the optimal site crop yield conditions

  • Choice of monoculture or multiculture depending on desired profitibility and optimisation of soil yields
  • Support and advisory services for biodiversity and ecoresponsible plantations

After the truffle trees are planted

Handled by Truffes Québec:

  • Project management and monitoring plan
  • Maintenance plan monitoring
  • Follow-up on cultural protocol
  • Growth analysis monitoring
  • Harvest preparation
  • Development and marketing

Truffes Québec guarantees the production of its truffle trees by:

Certification of truffle plants

  • Innoculum control
  • Control of the truffle plants
  • Final inspection of the truffle plants
  • Growing truffle trees in greenhouses