Truffière Les Rabassaires
Les Rabassaires: Quebec truffle farming takes root thanks to a passionate family!
Maude, Jean-Simon and Hugues have taken the plunge into the world of truffle farming in 2019. They embarked on this project by creating Quebec’s first truffle farm, called Les Rabassaires.

The three entrepreneurs have shown inspiring curiosity in daring to embark on this ambitious project. They decided to actively participate in the expansion of the truffle industry in Quebec by planting 1,700 truffle trees on their family farmland. Their project is an inspiring example of perseverance and innovation.

Once full production is achieved in a few years’ time, the trio hope to harvest between 60 and 300 kg of truffles a year. He even plans to welcome visitors and develop a range of by-products.

850 Red oak (Quercus rubra)
850 American hazelnut (Corylus americana)
800 Appalachian truffle plants (Tuber canaliculatum)
50 Burgundy truffle plants (Tuber uncinatum)

  • 5 metres between rows
  • 2.0 metres between trees
  • Each row is 425 metres long