Filière mycologique de la Mauricie, the forest edible development arm of the Syndicat des producteurs de bois de la Mauricie, and Truffes Québec have developed the first regional partnership for the development of Truffles in Quebec. Together, we inform, advise and support forest owners and agricultural producers in setting up truffle fields.

Club-conseil en agroenvironnement Lavi-Eau-Champ has joined forces with the duo to address the agronomic aspects of planting operations, which will be carried out in close collaboration with truffle-growing expert Jérôme Quirion from Arborinnov.

Truffes Québec - Truffes des Appalaches



The main role of Filière mycologique is to initiate, stimulate and lead exchanges between individuals, organizations, businesses and regional development agencies (ministries, RCMs, cities, etc.) involved in the sectors of activity represented on the Table de la filière mycologique, and to support them in structuring the sustainable development of forest mushrooms in the Mauricie region.

Filière mycologique de la Mauricie exists to facilitate the sustainable development of forest mushrooms and to create a strong regional economy based on profitable models.

Where to start?

At Truffes Québec, we want to maximize the truffle’s development potential and ensure the production of a high-quality product. A product that will delight the palates of even the most discerning truffle lovers! Growers wishing to start a truffle farm can complete the application form.