At Truffes Québec, we are committed to offering superior quality plants, produced in our nurseries using advanced research techniques. Each plant is inspected and complies with the best cultural practices known for growing truffles in Quebec.

  • Mycorrhizal plants of Appalachian truffles or native Quebec truffles. truffles.
  • Controlled plants to guarantee a high level of mycorrhization.
  • Plants with high production potential in North American soils.
  • Plants resistant to the North American climate.

The Controlled Mycorrhization limits contaminants in the root system that could hinder truffle development. This work increases the recovery rate and stimulates the growth of juvenile plants, particularly in difficult soils.

Arbres truffiers - Truffes Québec

Discover the benefits of controlled mycorrhization

Traditional plants can have enormous problems of recovery and growth. On the other hand, plants mycorhized with selected strains perform better in plantations.

Controlled mycorrhization makes it possible to :

  • increase the recovery rate;
  • reduce the risk of root system contamination;
  • stimulate plant growth;
  • guarantee a high level of mycorrhization with the selected truffle species.

The seriousness of this control has enabled our experts to harvest truffles after only 7 years of cultivation in North American soils.

By choosing Truffes Québec mycorrhizal plants Truffes Québec, you’re sure to generate a better truffle crop in a few years’ time.

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