Analyse potentiel truffier


As building a truffle farm involves several important stages and requires expertise, Truffes Québec offers customized support to meet your needs and aspirations.

Once the application form has been submitted, it is advisable to plan ahead:

  • A preliminary telephone appointment (30 minutes)
  • A site visit by our expert
  • A soil analysis
  • A pre-planting feasibility report

Soil analysis

For each project, a soil analysis (granulometry) is carried out to verify fertility, organic matter content, pH (degree of acidity) and soil type (light, heavy, clayey or sandy).


The cost of a truffle potential analysis depends on :

  • Site area
  • Geological factors
  • Environmental factors

We recommend a feasibility analysis for projects involving more than 100 trees. Feasibility analysis costs start at $775 for site evaluation, sampling, soil analysis and recommendations.

*Prices subject to change without notice.

*This analysis indicates the presence or absence of elements favorable to truffle development, but does not guarantee truffle production. Truffes QUébec’s advice is limited to truffle growing only, and in no way replaces the advice of an agronomist.


For projects of more than 100 trees, we invite you to consult the Starting a truffle farm section and then make an appointment with us to customize your project.