Sophie Devost

Horticulturist and Business Development Consultant

A manager in the business world for almost two decades, Sophie reoriented her career by becoming a horticulturist and entrepreneur to connect people to nature and actively defend environmental protection. Determined and rigorous, with Sophie nothing is impossible! His expertise in marketing, finance and business development will help truffle-growing in Quebec to flourish. With Truffes…

Marketing & Communications Director

With a Bachelor’s degree in Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Business Development, Sara is passionate about project management and communications. Her professional agility and varied skills enable her to contribute to Truffes Québec’s development on many levels. Passionate, versatile and always in a good mood, Sara is a project accelerator who loves to learn and take on…

Legal advisor and co-owner

Bryan Furlong | Legal Counsel and Co-owner

Biologist & Co-Owner

Jérôme Quirrion | Co-ownerWith a bachelor’s degree in biology and a specialization in soil microbiology, Jérôme has been involved in truffle research and development since 2009. Curious and rigorous, Jérôme puts his heart and soul into everything he does. His expertise makes terms like ectomycorrhizae, mycelium and symbiotic hypogea easy to understand!

CEO & Co-Owner

A medical biologist, curious and passionate about nature and people, Maude is an entrepreneur who aspires to guide others towards personal fulfillment by realizing their potential and making a positive impact on society. Her creativity and alertness allow her to thrive on problem-solving and implementing innovative strategies, skills that contribute to her 20 years of…